Keynote: 🔥Burnout Proof Your Organization

The Workshop Created to End the Employee Burnout Crisis

We’re in the middle of a worker retention crisis; companies all over the country are trying to solve the problem of high turnover and worker burnout with top-down approaches designed to help workers develop the skills necessary to operate in our relatively new remote/hybrid working environment.

Minessa brings a new solution to the table, one that prioritizes employees as the nexus of productivity and creativity. Their approach to work, time management, mental health, and personal life fulfillment inspires productivity.

When the work environment is structured to prioritize these areas, employees will solve problems faster, develop new efficiencies, and improve results in their area of influence. This approach leverages the power of momentum and cascades, which means that organizations can expect higher performance and better metrics, all by prioritizing employee job/life satisfaction.

Minessa’s signature talk provides a deeper guide on their step-by-step Commitment to the “Clock-Out Guide”, which provides actionable tools for employees to maximize working time, to reduce hours worked while increasing productivity and progress. That feeling gives them the freedom to clock out on their schedules without crushing guilt or fearing the the tsunami of work that awaits them when they return.

Minessa on Stage at the Boutique Hub Summit
  • Redefine Success: We typically define our value by how many things we can check off lists, which sacrifices progress towards shared goals. We will reframe success by focusing on eliminating busywork, and creating a framework of prioritization.
  • Progress over Hours: For generations, we’ve associated productivity with time spent, which created an unhealthy approach to work and time management. Attendees will get tactical solutions that they can apply immediately to feel the pressure alleviate.
  • Prioritize Systems: Attendees will leave with multiple systemic tools they can use to support them in their day and speed up results. Using even just ONE of these tools will double productivity.

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