Custom interactive workshops to jumpstart your teams enthusiasm, connecting their skills to actionable results!

🦖Career Evolutions: Transitioning From Managing
Grants to Managing Grants Managers

Research administration is a challenging and ever-changing field. Those who excel in it often find themselves promoted until they eventually cross over into management, where they face new challenges like balancing staff workloads, employee morale, and ensuring that the trains run on time, finances are in order and grants get out the door. Without leadership training, these responsibilities can get overwhelming, and new managers aren’t sure where to start. There’s great news, in that there are a number of transferrable skills when going from managing grants to managing people, and in this session, you will identify your management brand to set strong expectations with your staff, how to manage workloads, and techniques to avoid some common manager mistakes so that your teams run as effectively as your grant portfolio.

🔥Burnout Proof Your Life: How to make
working from home work for you

Working from home can be chaos, and it’s hard to feel like you’re getting anything done when most of your day is spent putting out fires and making sure no one misses the innumerable deadlines that make up life while also dealing with crying toddlers, dinner plans, laundry, and a plethora of sick and snow days. You’re trying to find balance, so that you feel like you can be a present parent, who also has downtime for yourself, AND also bring your best performance to your work. Most often we use schedules, time blocking, and other time organization tricks to accomplish this. In this session you’ll learn about what comes BEFORE that – the mindset and perspective that you approach your work with that will allow you to instantly recognize busywork for what it is, eliminate work clutter, and amplify what you get done when you ARE working, so that you can have your work from home cake, and eat it too.

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