This week author Judi Harrington stopped by for a visit, ostensibly to talk about her book Fuckery: The Life & Times of a Legend in Her Own Mind, but we connected on so many other topics, we never got to the book! Instead, we talked about the feelings that come a year after you lose your mom, and how to handle it if your relationship was… complicated. This was a raw conversation with an incredible person who isn’t afraid to lay her feelings bare in the hopes that they will either help someone else at best, or make someone laugh at worst. But as open as she is, there are lines and boundaries that exist that a lot of people in our family and friends circle don’t seem to understand or respect, and we dig deep into who you tell what to, and who deserves to know what in your life. And all of it is told with Judi’s signature storytelling style that is captivating and hypnotic. Join me in the journey, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of her book for more Judi Harrington. 


Judi Harrington is an author, copywriter, editor, and writing coach based out of Medford, MA. Her debut memoir, “Fuckery: The Life and Times of A Legend (In Her Own Mind,” launched in October 2022, and since then, Judi has been speaking on the “Life-Changing Magic of Writing a Book.” She’ll join us today to discuss how bringing a book into the world is about more than book sales, and how entrepreneurs can leverage a published book to level-up in their business.



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Life is full of transitions, each one bearing its unique challenges. But how do we navigate these changes, especially when they are marked by grief and loss? In our latest podcast episode, we delve into these questions and discuss the journey from grief to acceptance, the transformative power of writing as a form of healing, and the complexities of personal boundaries in a post-pandemic world.

The episode begins with a raw discussion about the emotional toll of loss. Navigating a divorce, handling the realities of a real estate closing, and the importance of not maligning someone you were once close to are all touched upon. These trials and tribulations pave the way for healing and growth. As the saying goes, the only way out is through, and the process of healing often begins with an honest look at our feelings.

Grief, as we discuss in the episode, can be overwhelming. The guest shares their personal journey of loss, painting a vivid picture of the cognitive dissonance experienced when they realized that the world is still turning without their loved one in it. They bravely share the hardships they faced while informing their mother about their impending divorce. These conversations underline the need for a support system and understanding during such challenging times.

As we move forward from grief and loss, we enter a world changed by a global pandemic. This new normal forces us to reevaluate our perspectives on personal privacy and boundaries. We delve into the concept of not owing explanations to others and how our relationships may evolve as we navigate our own issues. In this changing landscape, we must learn how to re-engage with the world while honoring our personal boundaries.

The episode also delves into the complex dynamics of mother-daughter relationships. These relationships, often fraught with generational divides, are explored through the lens of navigating a divorce, grieving a loved one’s passing, and the exhaustion of adapting to a new life during a pandemic.

The conversation then shifts to a topic that is close to many of our hearts – navigating gender identity and acceptance. We explore the importance of accepting our children for who they are, regardless of their identity or pronouns. We discuss the concept of the singular ‘they’, and how it is not a new concept but a reintroduction into the lexicon.

In conclusion, the episode is a journey through life’s transitions, from grief and loss to healing and acceptance. It is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and our ability to grow through adversity. Whether you’re navigating your own grief, grappling with personal boundaries in a post-pandemic world, or learning to accept your children’s gender identities, remember that you are not alone. Join us on this journey, as we learn, grow, and heal together.

By Minessa

With over 20 years of experience, Minessa Konecky has worked with small startups and hospital systems and academic centers in managing a variety of Federal, private and industry awards. They are comfortable with the entire life cycle of awards and have worked with investigators to secure and extend their research funding. They see themselves as the facilitators of the research business enterprise, and approach all solutions from that lens. Their passion is helping people find joy and fulfillment in their work using a human-centric approach to efficiency and optimization. They host of the Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself Podcast, and hold the position of Research Administration Process Improvement and Training Director at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Minessa takes great pride in their desi heritage and being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. They live in their seaside cottage on unceded and occupied lands of the Wampanoag and Pokanoket people in Plymouth, MA with 3 dogs and their partner, Alex.