Before Your Podcast Appearance

Thanks so much for being a guest on the podcast, I am so psyched that me and my listeners get to hear your story. I want us to get the most out of our time together, so before we meet, here’s a couple of things to plan for in advance.

Wear Headphones

This is essential to prevent echo and feedback. Don’t worry, any old pair of headphones/earphones will do

Find a quiet space

Anything you can do to move away from external noise will be a big help.

Turn off Notifications

Ensure notifications on your phone and computer are switched off to avoid any interruptions.

Use a microphone if possible

If you have a USB mic or headset, then please use this to record. If not, your built in computer mic will be fine.

Position yourself correctly

Try to position yourself so that you are nice and close to the microphone for maximum clarity

Use a Stable Internet Connection

Record in a place with a strong wifi, and close all other applications/downloads before the podcast.

I am looking forward to connecting!