Bara was an engineer in corporate America until a fateful epiphany in 2020. After leaving their job, they felt a sense of fear and uncertainty so they started on a to explore their inner self and the journey of self-discovery.

Bara found that the key to connecting with their intuition was to nurture their inner voice and practice self-reflection without judgement.

Through therapy, life coaching, and journaling, Bara learned to see their struggles as an opportunity for growth, and now helps their clients do the same.

In this episode, join in on our conversation as we discuss:

  • What led to Bara’s decision to leave and what were the triggers?
  • How can one become comfortable with the idea of taking risks and choosing a different path?
  • Exploring the Relationship with the Inner Self: How can one navigate the relationship with the inner self without judgment? How can one use journaling and other methods to explore their inner world?

About Bara Mann

Bara (she/they) is an engineer turned transformational life coach and speaker. Bara specializes in helping the stuck person overcome their limiting beliefs, guiding them toward their best, boldest, most joyful life. They use a unique combination of life coaching and energy healing which enables rapid healing and growth.

You can connect with Bara on

By Minessa

With over 20 years of experience, Minessa Konecky has worked with small startups and hospital systems and academic centers in managing a variety of Federal, private and industry awards. They are comfortable with the entire life cycle of awards and have worked with investigators to secure and extend their research funding. They see themselves as the facilitators of the research business enterprise, and approach all solutions from that lens. Their passion is helping people find joy and fulfillment in their work using a human-centric approach to efficiency and optimization. They host of the Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself Podcast, and hold the position of Research Administration Process Improvement and Training Director at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Minessa takes great pride in their desi heritage and being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. They live in their seaside cottage on unceded and occupied lands of the Wampanoag and Pokanoket people in Plymouth, MA with 3 dogs and their partner, Alex.