In a recent episode of the Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself Podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Pascale Cook-Fernandes. We dove head-first into a topic that’s so incredibly close to my heart: embracing our unique identities in a world that often urges us to conform. This is more than just self-help fluff; it’s tactical wisdom. If you’re a fan of vibrant, engaging narratives, on video then you’ll also find this gem on YouTube. 🎥

🎯 Key Topics Covered:

  • Spirituality & Religion: How does spirituality shape our life journey?
  • Self-Discovery: Finding oneself in a sea of societal expectations.
  • Inclusivity: Embracing differences and the concept of the ‘Global Majority.’

The Spiritual Quest

Pascale and I began by exploring spirituality. Pascale, an energy worker, reminded me of my own journey, deeply rooted in a Catholic background but evolving into something more expansive and personal. Remember when Pascale so candidly said, “Drop the judgment. We’re all so weird that we’re normal!” I couldn’t help but think about the way we compartmentalize ourselves because of societal stigmas, missing out on layers of our being that could be spiritually enriching. 🌟

Authenticity Over Norms

“The truth is, everybody is weird and everybody’s hiding it.” That line from Pascale made me think of my own swing on the fashion pendulum, especially during my LuLaRoe days. Those bold-as-hell clothes made me reevaluate how I present myself to the world. While I have navigated my identity over the years, I’ve realized that being ‘normal’ is overrated. Let’s face it, the majority of us are in some way ‘weird,’ according to society’s standard be it being neurodivergent, a person of color, or a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 🌍

Committing to Our True Selves

Ultimately, our chat wasn’t just an intellectual exercise; it was about operationalizing these ideas into everyday practice. If you’ve heard me talk about my ‘Commitment to Clockout’ system, you’ll know that I’m all about finding that work-life balance and helping others do the same. This conversation extended that concept to include finding balance within ourselves too.

So, let’s stop pretending to be ‘normal’ and start living authentically. Because the moment you do, you’ll find that you’ve already unlocked the door to a richer, fuller life.

Be you, all the way through. 🌈✨

Catch ya later! 🎧

Connect with Pascale

Pascale’s Bio

Pascale Cook-Fernandes supports women to find their true happiness from within, so they can cultivate a truly happy life they love! She is owner and Happiness Coach at Women Finding Clarity, and host of The Happiness Workshop podcast.

She knows that happiness cannot be found in the external, that’s why Pascale used her experiences as a teacher, Reiki Master and happiness coach to create her signature program, Abundant Happiness.
When she’s not supporting other women to find clarity, Pascale can be found collecting beach treasures on the beaches of Cape Cod, and spending time with her husband and three children.

By Minessa

With over 20 years of experience, Minessa Konecky has worked with small startups and hospital systems and academic centers in managing a variety of Federal, private and industry awards. They are comfortable with the entire life cycle of awards and have worked with investigators to secure and extend their research funding. They see themselves as the facilitators of the research business enterprise, and approach all solutions from that lens. Their passion is helping people find joy and fulfillment in their work using a human-centric approach to efficiency and optimization. They host of the Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself Podcast, and hold the position of Research Administration Process Improvement and Training Director at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Minessa takes great pride in their desi heritage and being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. They live in their seaside cottage on unceded and occupied lands of the Wampanoag and Pokanoket people in Plymouth, MA with 3 dogs and their partner, Alex.