Finding Your Best Life Beyond the Paycheck: A Conversation with Lisa, the Rebooter of Retirement Planning

Hey there! 👋 If you’ve ever wondered how to blend financial planning with holistic well-being, you’re in the right spot with this week’s episode. I recently sat down with Lisa, a retiree-turned-entrepreneur who’s revolutionizing the concept of retirement. This conversation isn’t just about stacking up your 401(k); it’s about stacking up meaningful experiences that go beyond the dollar sign.

🌈 The Art of Balance

Lisa and her partner Nan Ives, aren’t your average financial advisors. They go beyond bank statements and delve into something much deeper: purpose. Our discussion meandered through the art of balancing work, giving back, family, and personal joy. While finances are pivotal, Lisa made a compelling case for a broader view. She challenges the idea that retirement is an end, proposing instead that it’s a beginning—a fresh chapter where you can rewrite your narrative.

Here are some highlights of our chat:

  • Striking the Right Balance: How to blend financial goals with personal pursuits.
  • Rediscovering Purpose: Life doesn’t stop at retirement; it merely shifts gears.
  • Holistic Approach: Incorporating elements of design thinking into retirement planning.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Making retirement accessible and meaningful for everyone.

🎙️ Tune into the Podcast

If you’re nodding your head, you’ll definitely want to hear the entire conversation. The podcast dives even deeper into Lisa’s insightful methodology. Listen to it here to get the full scope of her wisdom.

👥 The Community Element

One aspect that truly resonates is the community engagement in Lisa’s program. She and her team have created an avenue for group workshops, online learning modules, and even coaching sessions for those craving that personal touch.

Here’s how they serve the community:

  • Jumpstarter: Self-paced online modules.
  • Jumpstarter Plus: Three coaching sessions added to the mix.
  • Accelerator Workshops: Live, community-based learning experiences.

🤩 Final Thoughts

It’s not just about crossing the retirement finish line; it’s about how you run the victory lap afterward. Lisa’s approach underscores the need for a well-rounded strategy that addresses not just our wallets, but also our hearts and minds.

Until next time, don’t forget to hustle proof your life, and remember to make time for what truly matters. ✌️

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About Lisa & the Future of You

The Future of You is an innovative, research-based organization whose mission is to help individuals discover their ultimate life in retirement by providing expert guidance and tools that empower them to create a personalized vision for their future. 

Lisa tapped into her experience in leadership development, transition planning, and career coaching to help people discover their best life in their next chapter. Lisa believes that anyone can realize their full potential with the right mindset and tools no matter what stage they are in on their life’s journey.

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