Unapologetically Owning Your Space: A Conversation that Challenges the Status Quo

👋 If you’ve ever felt that societal norms or outdated permissions are boxing you in, then buckle up because Jen Maseda is about to blow your mind with the bold inception of She’s Local, a hyperlocal conference organization for women. In our latest episode of the “Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself, we dive deep into these topics, challenging you to unapologetically own your space.

🎧 Listen to the podcast here for the full, nuanced discussion. You’ll want to hear every word.

🌈 The Reality of Privilege and Responsibility

Our conversation is far ranging, and one of my favourite elements was where we talk privilege, but not in the way you’re used to. In this episode, we go beyond the usual conversation of understanding privilege to the next steps – exploring how those with privilege can use it to elevate and support others. It’s not just about having resources; it’s about responsibly sharing them to make a real impact.

🚀 Don’t Ask, Just Do

One of my favourite parts of our conversation was when Jen shared about the birth of the Metro West conference, and how that was received by some pre-existing organizations. Her badass response to that whole scenario will inspire you forever and reminded me that the era of asking for permission is over. We’re in the age of action, whether that’s starting your business, advocating for social justice, or pushing boundaries that society has set for you. If you’re mission-driven, let that fuel you to break barriers and rewrite the rulebook.

🌟 She’s Local: Where Empowerment Happens

But at the heart of our discussion was the need that so many of us have to belong, and how if you’re yearning for a community that empowers you, She’s Local is the space to be. With dynamic conferences featuring inspiring speakers and actionable workshops, She’s Local equips you with everything you need to succeed and be a force for change either in your own life, or someone else’s.

Why You Should Engage:

  • Personal Growth: Self-discovery, skill-building, and emotional intelligence are all on the menu.
  • Community Building: Grow your network with people committed to positive change, locally and globally.

Don’t wait; be part of the She’s Local experience! Attend one of their conferences to immerse yourself in an empowering community.

👉 Find Your She’s Local Event Here

Get To Know Jen

Jen Maseda’s mission extends far beyond her impressive 20-year executive experience with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. She’s the Founder & President of the MetroWest Conference for Women and established She’s Local, a national non-profit aiming to empower women close to home through affordable and relatable digital media and live engagement experiences.

As a guest on our podcast “Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself,” Jen tackled the intricacies of privilege, responsibility, and taking unapologetic action. Her extensive volunteer work—serving on multiple boards including MetroWest Medical Center and Kids Connect—reflects her commitment to making a tangible impact in the community.

Jen holds two Master’s Degrees from Harvard University and Florida Atlantic University. A Miami native, she’s braved 22 New England winters and lives in Natick, MA, with her family and their Portuguese water dog, Meera. 🌟

Whether it’s challenging societal norms or leading a team of volunteers to host the 7th annual MetroWest Conference for Women, Jen is a beacon for anyone seeking to own their space and make a difference.

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By Minessa

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