After a life of traditional success and family responsibilities, Lisa Dooley is determined to break free and find the true purpose of her life despite the pressures of perfectionism and social media, creating a compelling central conflict of “control versus chaos”.

Lisa Dooley is an experienced organizer, coach and former president of the South Shore Women’s Business Network. She is an expert in helping people find balance and achieve their goals through her books, workshops and coaching.

Lisa Dooley has always lived her life in stages. From her corporate job to raising a family, she was finally at a stage in life where she had the time to focus on herself. After a lot of hard work, Lisa had learned to let go of her perfectionism and control the chaos in her life. Through her organizing business, she helps her clients find the motivation to get organized and let go of the stress that comes with not being able to find things when they need them. With her new book Growing Your Business OFF Social Media, Lisa hopes to help others make the most of their time, and live the life they want to live.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to Balance Multiple Life Stages
2. The Power of Embracing Imperfection

About Lisa Dooley

To help people spend their time more wisely, Organizing Coach Lisa Dooley has uncovered the true secret to organization: real change is internal.

Lisa doesn’t rely on bins, matching folders or alphabetizing. To her, these tools are meaningless unless people see their organizing challenges, and themselves, differently. For most, the root of disorganization is a misuse of space and time: this can be for both individuals as well as organizations.

Lisa helps individuals, households, companies and their employees break the cycle of disorganization by designing a vision for what they want their life and space to be, then declutter and destress so they can enjoy their life at home and work.

“We need to shift from being unable to enjoy our space, our work and our lives to seeing our homes and offices as places of calm, rejuvenation and productivity,” explains Lisa.

Lisa Dooley’s debut book More Space, More Time. More Joy! Organizing Your Best Life guides the process of change that will allow readers to intentionally create their best life through organization.

In addition to her organizing business, Lisa is involved with a number of local professional organizations. For 2021-2022, Lisa was the President of the South Shore Women’s Business Network – a local networking group focused on contacts, collaboration, coaching and community. Lisa also serves as the Treasurer of NAPO-New England.

By Minessa

With over 20 years of experience, Minessa Konecky has worked with small startups and hospital systems and academic centers in managing a variety of Federal, private and industry awards. They are comfortable with the entire life cycle of awards and have worked with investigators to secure and extend their research funding. They see themselves as the facilitators of the research business enterprise, and approach all solutions from that lens. Their passion is helping people find joy and fulfillment in their work using a human-centric approach to efficiency and optimization. They host of the Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself Podcast, and hold the position of Research Administration Process Improvement and Training Director at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Minessa takes great pride in their desi heritage and being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. They live in their seaside cottage on unceded and occupied lands of the Wampanoag and Pokanoket people in Plymouth, MA with 3 dogs and their partner, Alex.